Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Madness

If I blogged as much as I thought about blogging, then I'm sure this would be a lot more interesting! Instead, I get sidetracked and a month goes by and I have procrastinated to the max. Either way...we've been having a good ole time and here are some pics to prove it!

Noelle thinks her own feet are pretty hilarious...and basically anything my mom does with her :)

Me and Austen just chillaxin...that kid loves the camera.

Um, Landon liked the baby doll a little more than Jordan and were comfortable with.

Noelle LOVES this baby...she cracks up everytime she sees her and insists that she sleep in her "insist" I mean pointing and grunting.

Classic...I have no idea what he is cracking up about.

Last weekend we went to our friend Braidyn's birthday party at Hootz fun zone. It's basically a warehouse of big inflatable slides and jumpers things. We had such a blast watching the boys play. I was SHOCKED that Landon ended up liking it. I literally drug him on to the first play set while he was screaming bloody murder...I could see all the other mom's shaking their heads. But it ended up being worth it for him. Next year we will conquer the fear of precipitation, in 2008 the battle against slides was officially won.

Probably my favorite picture of Landon so far too date.

It's faster that it looks! Austen went down about 1,852 times.

I have to admit Jordan and I had our fair share of sliding too :)

Here is one party goer who did not slide. I would like to dedicate this picture to the manufacturers of Benadryl...I love you.

"Landon, I promise we will come back to Hoot's again soon" He was not so pleasant on the car ride home.

Just in case you were wondering what Landon looks like at bedtime after a day at Hoot's with no nap...there you have it. (There was no Benadryl involved in the taking of this picture). I do love snuggle time. :)

In other Young-related news...Jordan is doing fantastic in school. He's maintaining all A's so far...even in college algebra! I am so very proud of him. We've also been checking out some other churches in Albuquerque and are so encouraged at what the body of Christ is doing here. I think we are guilty of putting ourselves in a social bubble and not paying attention to basic needs of our city and as far away as Haiti. We have been incredibly challenged spiritually these last few months. We are daily, prayerfully seeking wisdom in our decisions. I truly believe God has something planned with us that is better than anything I can ask or imagine. But asking and imagining is kind of wearing me out, so I've simply resorted to listening and obeying.

I think that's all for now. I'll try to be a more consistent blogger....GOSH!



Your picture of a sleeping Noelle with the caption "Benadryl I love you" made me laugh out loud! It looks like you have such a happy, fun family. I hope to see you guys at the wedding....invites are going out as soon as we can get them stuffed/addressed!!

Summers said...

SO glad to hear things are going well. I bet that was one fun day. I love that you love your kids and you can hear that with every word in your blog...isn't this such a fun time in life?

Beth said...

Oh that darn College Algebra...good job Jordan! And can you believe these kiddos have a birthday soon!!!! What in the world!?

kckthomasfamily said...

Hey there lady!! Long time no see. So about your hair...How is it and is that side better since I never heard back from you? I hope that you liked it, I know its probably an adjustment going from long to short. Get a hold of me cause I still have your watch and we need to get together!

Jansen said...

did you cut your hair?

i left you a voicemail...are you screening my call?

The Sharpe's said...

i'm glad you're just as bad a blogger as i am lol!!!! :0)
your kids are growing so fast!!!
peyton loves the inflatable places too, we went to one in orlando called monkey joes and he LOVED it!!! we couldn't get him to leave LOL! :0)

Sanchez Stories said...

Too cute, looks like tons of fun, I've heard of that place.
When are you moving? Jen and I are trying to plan a play-date in April...
Any dates that work best for you, they need to be on a Thursday or Friday?


amy said...

girl, benadryl just makes my child look drunk. seriously, she stumbles around and falls down every third step. its actually really entertaining.

the byrd family said...

yay!! i'm so glad b's birthday party was such a hit with your kiddos...we're so glad you came! i wish b was as exhausted as your guys. she was like "where are we going next mommy?" i said "home, to bed, even though it's 6pm" i was definitely exhausted after all of that chaos!!