Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Our last month has kept us pretty occupied doing mostly...nothing. We've been in our rental house for almost a month now and it's starting to feel more comfortable. Jordan and I have been talking about how weird it feels to know you will only live somewhere for 3 months...we can't really "get settled" or really unpacked for that matter. I think we are trying to find the balance between our excitement of what's to come and still be productive and meaningful while we are here. Tonight we had dinner with my mom and swam at the pool...it was great. Here are some random pics of the last few weeks! Noelle kind of dominates, but what's new.

For the record, Noelle is NOT a fan of the pool.

I hear that in addition to adding 10 pounds, the camera also can make your face looked jacked up while catching flying children in a pool...weird coincidence.

This is the closest Noelle would come to the pool...no kisses for you Dad.

The girl looks good in orange!

Grandaddy was in town took us out to eat! It was good times!

A brotherly pedicure. Just take my word for it...this did NOT end well.

Me and "the officiant".

I seriously can't stop myself.