Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goodbye rain, Hello humidity.

I think I may create the ultimate blog blasphemy and create a post with no pictures...bear with me because I just have a lot to say. Jordan and I have had an incredibly crazy last week or so. I think I can best describe the events in a screenplay we go:

Sometime last week
Stacy: I've been looking at schools online in Dallas, TX and I think you should check them out. Maybe, just give us some more options.

Jordan: Why would we want to go to Dallas...that's dumb. I'll talk to Richard and see what I can find out though.

2 days later
Jordan: I found a sweet school named Criswell College. I wonder if it's legit.

Stacy: Let's just freakin drive to Dallas this weekend and find out.

Sunday morning in Dallas:
Stacy: I like Criswell. And I can give you list of a million reasons why Dallas trumps Portland. But it doesn't really matter because no one is ever going to buy our flippin house in Albuquerque.

Jordan: Yeah...stupid housing market.

Sunday afternoon in Dallas:
Bob the Realtor via phone: Someone just put a sweet offer on your house.

Jordan: Shut up.

Bob: Congrats. You close on April 25th.

So....this was the turn of events in a nutshell. To say we are surprised and overwhelmed would be a massive understatement. We really had no preconcieved ideas of going to Dallas or even considering it before last week, but for some reason it was on my heart and we started talking about it. It made no sense to drive all five of us down there for 4 days to check it out...we were really just searching for clarity because it seemed that we had none. Why would our house out of the other 150+ homes for sale just in Ventana Ranch sell...and for an actual profit!!!! It's truly a miracle and we feel that we are walking right where God has intended all along. We don't have many details finalized as far as where in Dallas we will actually be living in 3 weeks, but we are working on it and we have a number of options.

I am devastated to leave Albuquerque. I can't imagine not living near my mom or our best friends, but in order for Jordan to complete what he dreams to do, then we must. The past 3 1/2 years have created so many memories, that I am liable to break our housing contract if I think about them right now. I'll have to create another blog later filled with all the things I am going to miss here.

I look forward to Dallas and Jordan finishing his degree with excitement. If we have to be anywhere else than here, then Dallas is a perfect fit. I look forward to the plans God has for us. And it is my prayer that our eyes and ears remain open to Him so we can follow Him humbly wherever he may take us.


Rebecca said...

I'm excited for you guys but certainly going to miss fun nights on MSC with you! I hope all the moving stuff goes well.


YAY!! Stacy comes back to Texas!! I might just have to visit you in Dallas :)

Haddixfamily said...

All I have to say on this is PPPFFFTT!!!!
And, obviously...can't wait
And, do they have a vic 5 here?
I'll check it out~

Summers said...

I love stories like that. I can almost picture angels whispering in your ear during the night the plan God has for you. Awesome...freakin awesome. And can I say that the screenplay format was DEFINITELY the way to go...really made the story great. And did Jordan really say shut up to your Realtor?...knowing him, it totally was...and I love it.

Kellye Frazier said...

yahoo!!!! daniel just called and told me the news!!! (i'm in CA)- yeah for the young's being back in TEXAS!!!! can't wait, happy to help if you need us!!! LOVE!!!!

Beth said...

WOW! Don't you just love the plans of the Father! We're excited your moving back to Texas. Keep us posted and stay in touch.

Sanchez Stories said...

Congrats on the update! I wanted to get in a play-date before you left...
Any dates yet on when you will go?

amy said...

seriously? dude. i was getting forward to getting to know you! MAN. i guess God's will trumps all right? dangit.

amy said...

um, let me just add. being from texas myself, i must say you really are going to the best state. we'll just miss you here.

luke baublet said...

this post makes me so happy for two reasons.

one: criswell is a GREAT school, i have a ton of friends who went and are going there (i'm considering it myself).

two: we get to see you guys! we live right up the road from dallas in lewisville! you've got to come to our church at least once with us, you'll love the community God has built there (

The Shepards said...

Yay for moving back to Texas! I'm a little jealous! I know that is super frightening, but it's cool have God speak so clearly so that you know without a doubt that you're doing the right thing.

We miss you guys! I cannot believe how OLD Landon looks! My goodness it's been almost a year! Thanks for posting on our blog. Great to hear from you!

Toni Amend said...

Wow! Welcome back to Texas, just in time for the summer heat!

Anna Wallin said...

I can't believe it's really happening. But it is obvious that you have so many loving friends in Texas that can't wait to see you. So much for those of us loving crazy people you are leaving. But who will resuscitate your fourth baby when you accidentally have another one? I am the designated baby resuscitator! I love you and I will miss you!

the byrd family said...

ok, i have typed and deleted, typed, deleted, typed, deleted, and all i can say is that i don't know what to say! it all happened too fast, i don't even have time to grieve. b will be devastated, which is why you have to tell her in person...i'm not gonna do your dirty work! we love you guys and will miss you so much. God obviously knows what he's doing - isn't it awesome when he flies every door wide open like that?! congrats on it all falling into place. we'll miss you like crazy - thank goodness for blogs. and we love texas so we'll definitely come visit (if you'll have us!)
oh, and we have to hit up hoots one last time before you go! can you fit us in??

Robert said...

Clarity of direction is always nice. All I can say is that you had better come to church and say goodbye to all of us in the student ministry before you leave.