Sunday, February 17, 2008

What happened to February?

I'm not sure how it is already the middle of February. I have found a new love for February since last year and here are the obvious reasons why. Last year on February 10th in Durango, CO my brother Matt married the most amazing, beautiful, expressive girl I've ever known. That may sound like I'm just saying that because I really love her, but I actually mean it. As a matter of fact, at their rehearsal dinner during the toasts my own mom stood up and told her and all 60-70 guests that she "could not imagine having a better daughter"...of course everyone smiled and then immediately looked back at me with very sad faces. My mom threw in "daughter-in-law" after the laughter...thanks mom. But, she really is that fantastic.

Here they are tearing it up salsa style at their reception. We miss you and love you both more than you can imagine!!!!

And this is my other favorite part of their wedding and ultimately February. Here is Noelle t-5 days. So it seemed fitting that when Jordan was asked to speak at a ski retreat for this weekend in Durango that of course we went. We left on Noelle's bday (Friday) for Durango and came back this afternoon. We spent most of the day on Saturday swimming at the rec center and walking around downtown and the evenings were spent fixated on Lightening McQueen and Mater.

Here is Noelle in the cutest swimsuit given to her by her Granmommie and Grandaddy. She wasn't too excited about the whole swimming situation as you can tell by the expression, but after a little while she lightened up and seemed to actually have fun.

This is the perfect picture to describe Austen in the water...the kid is a fish! He loves it. He ran around, went down all the slides and could not wipe the smile off of his face.

Landon liked the water just about as much as he liked walking on snow. But I managed to get a picture without him crying or clinging on to Jordan for dear life. In his defense, he did go down the crazy wet-n-wild style slide twice...the second time was actually willingly!

On Tuesday night we are going to my mom's house for a real birthday dinner and cake for Noelle since we didn't have the chance for it last week. It was actually a lot easier for me on Friday to get through the day without going through the birthday party motions. Maybe I can survive Tuesday without too many tears...yeah right!


The Sharpe's said...

What an awesome background ;0) Where'd you find it?

Sanchez Stories said...

Thank you for the nice comment, and belive me when I say the THANK YOU IS ALL MINE! I hope you told others to see the blog... I am such a firm believer in Pres!
I hear you are leaving soon!
Did you sell the house?

amy said...

love your blog! its so fun when you find one that is well written AND has fun pictures! thanks for sharin'!

amy said...

just stoppin by again to say thank you for the sweet comment on kaden's pictures! i had a blast, i was there for a few hours. i almost have all her images ready, takes me forever. :) hope you're doin well...

Haddixfamily said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Miss you and can't wait for more pics.

amy said...

um, so funny. i wonder if i saw that before i got mine? who knows. but yea, i think it just means we're both cool. like dat.