Monday, January 12, 2009

Spiritual advising

I have told a few people about this conversation the boys had the other day in the car, but it just keeps getting funnier.

Setting: My car, me driving, and boys in the back seat. Going to a friends house.

It is mostly quiet and then Austen starts with the questioning...

Austen: Mom, do you know who some people love more than anyone in the world?

Me: Who is that?

A: Jesus.

Me: That's true, some people do love Him more than anything. I do.

A: Me too.

(Enter Landon)
Landon: I don't love Jesus. I don't love boys. I only love girls. I only love one boy and that is McQueen.

A: Landon, yes you do love Jesus. He lives in your heart and He talks to you and you love Him!

L: (voice a bit louder) NO Austen, I don't love Jesus. I can't hear Him with my ears and He does not talk to me! I only love girls!

A: (now screaming a bit) Landon, yes Jesus does talk to you. He talks in your heart and that's why you can't hear Him with your ears. He talks to your heart!

L: (his loudest most irritated voice) I do not love Jesus and I can not hear Him!!!!!!!!

A: (addressing me this time, quietly and soft) Mom, don't worry. Landon does love Jesus in his heart, he just doesn't want to say it, but I know that he does.

L: (screaming at this point) I can NOT hear Jesus with my heart or my ears Austen, stop saying that to me!

A: (Louder than any TBN preacher you've ever imagined) Landon, Jesus does talk to you in your heart and He is talking to you RIGHT NOW. He is saying "Landon, STOP COMPLAINING"

I decided to interject at this pivotal point before Austen demanded that Landon close his eyes and raise his hand.

So that was about a week or 2 ago and then today while at the table coloring Landon proceeded with this conversation:

Landon: Mom, we can never be God.

Me: That's true baby. There is only one God and we are His people. He made us and He loves us.

Landon: Yeah. (short pause then he yells to Austen in the other room) Austen is that true?

Austen: Yeah Landon that's true.

Landon: Oh. Can God turn people in to pieces of paper?

Me: He won't do that to you, sweets.

L: Oh (short pause) Austen is that true?

A: Well, God CAN turn your in to paper, but He won't. God can do anything.

L: Yeah, God can do anything.

So I stand corrected. I thought for sure Austen had lost his effective witness to Landon that brimstone and fire day in the car. But apparently he has gained respect and became Landon's closest spiritual advisor.