Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Madness

Anyone who knows Landon, knows that he is not a fan of the elements. I thought surely with his snow boots on he would be okay with actually walking on the snow. Not so much. I should add a disclaimer that about 20 minutes after his initial shock of actually having his boots touch the snow, he ran around in a few circles then proceeded to shout for the next hour "I walked in the snow Mommy and I didn't even cry!" Way to go kid.Austen is not afraid of the snow in the least...he had a good ole time launching it around the yard!

I am actually quite a bit scared of this snowman/robot looking thing in our front yard. Our house has been on the market now for 2 weeks without a single glance. SURELY this little guy will be pulling it all kinds of prospects...we may even raise the asking price for this fine upgrade.
Noelle was quite proud of herself for finally figuring out how to pull herself up in her bed...right after this picture I promptly pushed her down and reminded her of my "no more milestones" rule.
Look at this face...I'm sorry to all of you who don't get to kiss it on an hourly basis like I do. We did get the most blessed diagnosis of RSV for Noelle yesterday...she's doing ok...very junky cough and kind of wheezy. I am praying that we are seeing the worst of it now! She has never really been sick before, so she is getting huge amounts of sympathy from us :(


Sanchez Stories said...

I posted a comment, but then had problems??? If it doesn't post I will write longer again, I hate it when that happens!

Sanchez Stories said...

I guess my first post got lost along the way! I love your breast-feeding post, it made me laugh. I'm sure it's hard to stop, I'm not there yet, but I can imagine! I'm glad you found my post, and I wish I could have gotten to know you better too! You work nights though right? I think I read in your blog that you are working full time... Do you ever do play-dates? Jen and I are doing one tomorrow... I'll post pictures sooner or later of the day!
I'm going to add you to my posts so I can keep in touch with you! Feel free to check on our family any time!
If you do play-dates we should all schedule one! I live in the NE area!
Oh and I miss the Pres staff ~ Ellen, Jen, Anna, Amy.... Oh memories!

Haddixfamily said...

Love those kids! Landon is one of a kind and you are so lucky to have him and all his stories. I hope you are writing some of them down as I am sure he would appreciate:) Give Noelle lots of love from her haddix family

Jill Marie said...

That first picture totally reminds me of The Christmas Story where the little brother has to go to the bathroom and he is all bundled up and can't get to the bathroom. So cute! Hope all is well with you guys. Come visit Austin, Texas soon!

Sanchez Stories said...

Wanted to let you know I posted pictures from our play-date!
check out the kids, Jen and I forgot to take pictures of the grow ups!!!
What grown ups!!!!

DS said...

that first picture of Landon is absolutely classic


Summers said...

Precious Noelle..and Landon yes.. ...classic. My actual words when I saw it were...that is AWESOME. That picture will be a perfect pic to pull up around time of graduation. ( sorry to bust that out in your current "no milestones" crisis. Sorry about the RSV..keep that Cough syrup hidden though. ;) That story about CRACKED me up! Have a great weekend!

Bethany & Dustin said...

I LOVE the picture of Landon crying in the snow! That's adorable and it will be so much fun to show him when he grows up :) One of my families favorite pictures of Hannah is when she is crying in a ballerina tu-tu because she was afraid of it touching her....

Your children are adorable!!

Expect a long email from me when I finally finish this round of final exams!

Sanchez Stories said...

I would love that... I want to take Avery in soon to see everyone... I
really do miss some of the girls there! When you stay for 3 months how
could you not miss people!
Oh and we are doing a play date today!
And again next with as well.... Talk to Jen and we'll figure out
I thought it would be neat to have each one of us take a week or
perhaps every other week and host, and then we can teach a game or some
What days are you off?