Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can this month last forever?

Today marks the first day of the last month of Noelle's infancy. I am ridiculous I know. When I gave birth to Noelle, Austen was barely 3 1/2. So, even though I remember most of the highlights from the boys first 12 months...I didn't quite hold on to them as tightly as her's. She's, ya know, the grand finale. I am not fully prepared to embark upon the first birthday, so I am going to cherish the 11th month the best I can. I know that each stage gets more and more fun...really I know that, but still can I be a little sad? We are kind of in the "weaning" process now. I am nursing her in the morning and at night and she drinks milk and juice during the day. I thought that for sure after I went back to work full time that I would be exhausted and ready to regain my body back 100%...but yeah, not so much. I look forward to that small 10 minutes that is just her and I in the mornings and at nighttime. I know I am not alone in this feeling! I can't be!


Haddixfamily said...

Ya know that I am with you on that. Even though we are 7 months away, I am already morning about kindergarten! Does life really go this fast!

Jansen said...

she is so precious...i just love her.
(i haven't come up with something wonderful and insightful to reply to your email...but i read it and loved it! i'm sorry i just left you hanging and didn't respond...your words are still in my head. love you too.)


Summers said...

When my nephew was born, Anna was 9 months old and still nursing ( same as Noelle, at night and in the morning ) but when I held that new born, I realized how much she was NOT a baby anymore. That night I went to bed and cried. I woke her up and held her...(can you hear the sad music in the background?..it was SO dramatic ) Them growing up is the most celebrated yet painful thing in the world. I'll keep you in my thoughts sista friend...I know it is hard. : ) You are NOT alone!

Kellye Frazier said...

I totally get it!!!! Ben just turned a year and weaned, It is such a sad day... the day after you realize yesterday was the LAST time you'd ever get that sweet time with them. Ugh...guess it's time to have #3, right?? Love to your kiddos, xo