Monday, June 1, 2009

I blog when I want.

I am secure enough to know that I am not witty enough to blog on a frequent basis. Mostly it's because I have nothing interesting enough to say. HOWEVER, this weekend was the most interesting/fun/exceptional/awesome/appreciated I have had in a while. Leah and Gracyn came to stay with us for a few days and here is our journey of love. The pictures are totally out of order. I haven't figured out who is or blogspot. Beware, your computer may in fact be crashing at this very moment due to the insane quantity of pics I uploaded. Sorry about that.

There is so much joy that it is unbelievable.

Ian. How stinkin cute are you?!

Rachel, Mily and G handed out the bday love.

Ballerina in training.

Landon is in training for something else...professional caloric intake master.

Cute kids eating cupcakes the sizes of small baby's heads. they not look 16 years old? What is happening?

Ian beware...she is cute but she will attack.

Hiking with the Aunt Tops and Uncle Joels.

Deuce coup.

Oh yeah...that happened. There is no shame in the deuce coup.

This is what NW peeps do when it doesn't in the fountain. We get confused when dry.

He's on a boat.

A and G on their very first roller coaster ride. They chose front seat b/c they are hard core.

Cheesin it up in front of AGCI.

Not too much longer!

The view from the rooftop of Joel and Sara's crib.

Who needs a car when you have blue Papa?

Reunited BFFs. They never skipped a beat.

There are so many things that I loved about this weekend...I can't even put it into words. Some friendships are so sweet that explanations and adjectives only do a disservice. I have no idea why God would gift such people in my life. I am wholly un-deserving.


Linda said...

Adorable! I always LOVE your blogs----you are great at it---I dont know why you stopped---I was sad to not have pics for soooooooooooo long!

I think someday they might get married!

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW, best weekend ever!!! It does make me wish you would blog more ... though the pressure is killer, I can't wait to give it up. Call me!