Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today is the day!

I can't believe it!  I have gone from fear, to sadness, to complete excitement today!  A couple last minute things I wanted to share.

Communications:  This is going to be a social networking nightmare for some of you, but here are the options...

Twitter:  ---  This is our team's twitter account. It will randomly updated with the Haiti happenings.

Blogs:  ---  This is Jordan's blog and he will update whatever communications the two of us are able to have --- This is one our team members who will be blogging while we are there.  She has taken multiple trips to this same site and has plenty of valuable insight I'm sure!

I found out from T-mobile that there is chance I may have "some" service with my trusty blackberry.  It will cost me $2/minute to make calls.  35 cents to send a text and FREE to receive a text!  So I will only call/text Jordan when able but if you want to send me one, then I may actually be able to read it.

Okay...I have one more hour with my family so I am closing this computer and kissing babies.

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