Monday, September 1, 2008

Portland or BUST

We are in the midst of our cross country trip from ABQ to Portland (or Vancouver if you want to get technical). We are at a truck stop right now outside of Boise, ID experiencing a little bit of traveling delay due to a fatal accident on the interstate. We are about 3 hours behind where we intended to be, but praise God we are safe and have food in our bellies. The trip has been great and the kids are fantastic travelers! I am the whiny one, but I am trying to be on my best behavior...Jordan helps as he is a cross country machine. We hope to be at our new house by tomorrow afternoon...we'll see! Thanks to all who are praying for us...I can literally feel the hand of God on us every mile of this journey...He is so good.

Food is here!!!! Bye for now!


the byrd family said...

we miss you already!! and, we totally forgot to tell austen happy birthday!! we hope you guys had a good, quick trip. love you guys!!


How exciting! We've heard such wonderful things about the northwest, Dustin and I have considered trying to end up there. Wish you all the best!