Monday, July 21, 2008

I think it's really happening.

Maybe this post is a little premature...but I think it's actually happening. We really are moving. I guess I just keep waiting for something to self-destruct. We started talking and praying about this move last September. I typically don't like to make long, drawn out calculated motion. I think something sounds awesome, and then do it. But God hasn't really allowed any othat sporadic business...

We sold our fell through...sold it again

Moving to Portland...moving to Dallas...moving to Portland

Got on-campus cheap got condemned...just secured a home (without "major structural damage")

None of these things were really devastating to us...just little bumps in the road. The only thing I really know about the path that God has for us is the final destination...I won't really complain about detours or road quality.

All that to say...we have a place to live, have a place to work, have a place to learn and now we are ready to go! Now I just need to figure out how to sneak my mom on the rental truck without her realizing it.

We do have a lot of fun things happening in the next 6 weeks though to keep me occupied. Landon is in a wedding next weekend. There WILL be hilarious pictures of that. Jordan is officiating 2 being my mom's! My family will be meeting my grandma for the first time as she is flying in for my mom's wedding.

I am not quite ready for the trauma of saying goodbye to family, friends and co-workers yet, so I will continue living in denial of that reality until the last possible moment!

No more front yards landscaped with rocks?! What will we do with all of this grass?


luke baublet said...

i'm glad you liked it! sorry, i know we are a bit rough around the edges, but all of us would swear that sarcasm is our love language.

feel free to post comments and tell jordan he is also welcome to do so.

and with regards to blogroll, God has definitely blessed us in positioning us to walk with so many God-honoring people.

SSU said...

Good luck in PDX! Oregon isn't too bad!

P.S. You have been tagged!