Friday, December 5, 2008


I switched up my layout a little bit...cute?! Yes, I know. Too bad my screen widths changed so the pictures I already have posted were too wide. I can't fix it, but all future pics will fit...don't worry mom!

I am a really bad blogger lately, but want to be more up to date.

Here are some things we are looking forward to:
1. Cutting down our Christmas tree tomorrow from my favorite tree farm ever. Love it
2. Road trip to MONTANA to stay with Matt and Sara for a few days.....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Spending time with friends here.
4. Wassail.
5. Getting Noelle a Christmas dress and seeing how cute she looks it it. (vain I know)
6. Mailing New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards because I am ridiculous procrastinator.
7. Haiti trip - SO scared/excited/mortified/elated.


Kristen Ray said...

I LOVE the new layout. How did you make the cute header at the top--the pictures are adorable!

TheMerkelFamily said...

I love the new layout! I just thought you would want to know that I miss ya! looking forward to seeing pics of Noelle in her cute little christmas dress. I just bought Hope's last week!

Matt said...

Yo i just made a blog!

Jill Marie said...

Love the new page. Since you are already making lists....continue making them because I tagged you. Go to my blog and see what to do.
Love you.