Friday, May 23, 2008

Relocation Schizophrenia

I have really delayed writing a blog on what's been happening with us purely because whenever I say we have a made a decision about something...then the opposite seems to happen. It's like we have bad blog-ma or something. Either way, I feel compelled to share so I must.

Well, we were obviously pretty bummed about our previous house deal bust, however about a couple of weeks later we received a second offer on the house. The same week that we were mulling over this offer, the college in Portland (Multnomah Bible College) called and told us that we have been approved for on campus family housing....a 4 bedroom almost 1500 square foot house! The rent for the house is about half what we are paying in mortgage! So....after about a week, we did decide to accept the house offer and are now planning on moving to Portland at the beginning of September. As excited as I was about Dallas, I think I would have been devastated to hear that we were approved for on-campus housing AFTER having these crazy turn of events really happened at exactly the right time and we are truly thankful for it. I wish I could articulate into words how Jordan and I feel about this move for our family, but I really can't. Just know that as hard as it will be to leave our friends and family here, we are equally excited to see just what God has planned for us in Portland.

In other equally exciting news...Austen "graduated" from preschool. We are still undecided whether or not to start him in kindergarten this year. His birthday is September 1st which is THE cutoff we'll see. Landon is still Landon, and Noelle is walking cute! My mom is "offically" engaged and will be getting married in August or September. I am very happy for her!!!

She graduated from the walker recently, but is still just as excited about it!

Watermelon is clearly the summer fruit of choice!

Sometimes they really do love each other!

And of course....the RING. Good one mom.


Beth said...

So sad that you won't be moving closer, but I am THRILLED that once again you are seeing the love of the good Lord in such an evident way. Portland will be great and you can again thank God for timing and faithfulness! We love you guys and thanks for the update...I daily wonder!!!!

chrislichti said...

I am selfishly happy as I will have more opportunity to see you in P-land than in Dallas. Craziness, way to hang in there. You amaze me! Want to go camping in July with the Rush's and me?
miss you,

amy said...

you crack me up stacy. sad you're moving though. but really excited for you! portland is beautiful. for real.