Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fun family visits!

This week we were lucky enough to see BOTH Papa (Stacy's dad) and Grandaddy (Jordan's dad). Papa came into town Friday night and Uncle Matt and Aunt Sara were here on Saturday. We had tons of fun...the boys absolutely love when family comes to visit and so do Jordan and I. Noelle was in love with them all...of course. It was the perfect visit for everyone! Papa really took it for the team by sleeping with Landon and getting peed on TWICE...sorry Dad! One day we'll have a spare bedroom!

Noelle and Grandaddy laughing at each other!

More love with Grandaddy!

Papa and the kids!

Noelle and Papa!

We are getting pretty excited about Christmas! We have an awesome christian advent calendar that we got a few years ago and the boys love looking forward to the story every night. They get to hear the Christmas story almost every night in December! If anyone out there wants to know where we got it, let me know!

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Summers said...

Ooh Ooh pick me! I really want to know. My friend Libby was talking about how she is reading this book (Christmas Story) that her mom read to her when she was little to her daughter Sadie. Anywho, this prompted me to think...what will we have to read to Anna next year...and at this point, what I have found is nothing. But I would love to use an advent calendar...those are fun! Let me know!